Clinical Genetics consultation and evaluation :

Detailed pedigree elicitation, history taking, physical assessment and elicitation of clinical signs, review of records, formulation of differential diagnosis, charting a plan of action and management, offering treatment options when available.

  Genetic counseling :

Discussing the possibility of genetic differentials, choice of genetic tests, pre and post-test genetic counseling, interpretation of genetic tests done, elsewhere. The Purple Gene Clinic is a government (BMC) certified Genetic Counseling Centre.

   a) Premarital genetic counseling:

Couples having concerns about their marriage due to a risk of genetic disorder in their prospective offspring. Example: Consanguineous unions, couples with hearing loss, blindness, skeletal dysplasia, thalassemia minor trait, either partner having family or personal history of a suspected/ proven genetic disease.

  b) Preconception genetic counseling:

This is insightful when the couple has had a previous affected child with a suspected genetic disorder, or a concerning family history; wherein the couple wishes to know the ways to mitigate the risk of recurrence

  c) Prenatal genetic counseling:

This service can be helpful in cases of anomalous fetuses, abnormal aneuploidy screening tests, previous history of an affected child

  d) Pretest genetic counseling:

this aids in understanding the pros and cons of each test, and guiding the family in choosing the most appropriate test for their given clinical setting.

  e) Post-test genetic counseling:

Rational interpretation of the reports is a crucial aspect of the genetic services we provide. False positives and false negatives are common, thus thorough evaluation and discussion by a trained professional are important.

  Laboratory services :

Routing of appropriate genetic laboratory tests from amongst the wide array of options, guiding patient in the selection of the appropriate laboratory suited for the clinical condition. The Purple Gene Clinic has affiliations with major genetic and metabolic laboratories in India, as well as abroad. It is a government-certified centre for Non-invasive prenatal testing.

  Shantidevi Gupta Charitable OPD :

This is a special service provided on the first Thursday of every month for the economically weaker section (EWS). The visit is scheduled strictly based on appointments, only after confirmation of the inclusion criteria for EWS and verification of the necessary documents.

For more information and appointment, please write to For Direct Chat +91 9136017545